Our Recent Projects

With every purchase you make, we help make the world a better place.

Organic Route, a social business with the mission to help promote world peace, has made a commitment to donate a minimum of 10% of profits annually to Children of Peace Uganda, 1% for the Planet and to support the local communities we work with.

Children of Peace Uganda

Organic Route is excited to announce their support in helping rebuild the lives and communities affected by war in Central Africa. We will work alongside Children of Peace Uganda to support the psycho-social and vocational/educational programs they provide to 1,000 former child soldiers and sex trafficked victims in Northern Uganda and DRC. By supporting Children of Peace Uganda, Organic Route helps promote optimism for impoverished persons, heal brokenhearted individuals and aid the freedom of captives. Throughout donations to Children of Peace Uganda, we directly support child and university sponsorships and Peace Clubs in central eastern Africa. Please find out more about Children of Peace Uganda here.

1% For The Planet

Organic Route is committed to supporting renewable energy, sustainable growth and mitigating climate change. We are donating 1% of proceeds to 1% For The Planet. This organization is a global network of businesses, nonprofits and individuals like us that have teamed up to donate over $175 million back to the environment. 1% For The Planet is currently working on the following projects to make real change towards a healthy planet in pollution: Toxic-Free Future, Take 3, Sure We Can, Sierra Club, River Network, Post Landfill Action Network, Plastic Bank and many more. Their strategic model shifts their donations and work in different pressing environmental issues. During these next few months they are focusing on pollution abatement, and then moving to their other 5 focuses of climate, food, land, water and wildlife. Please find out more about 1% For The Planethere.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Organic Route has partnered with agricultural cooperatives that promote local community development. We work with cooperatives supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. They have extended opportunities to the youth and others through beneficial community projects to generate over 4 million USD annually for rural communities. These programs ensure quality production of staple crops to aid agrarian based economies thrive. This program also maintains a healthy supply of cassava for regions in Africa that depend on the crop to promote trade, provide ample food sources and to increase economic growth.